Rachel Federoff

Rachel gives us her take on this week's tough cookies. 

on Nov 16, 2010


This week was a double whammy for Team MC as poor Destin and I had two female millionaires to bring to the table. I knew Patti was going to flip at the thought of this, I mean one millionairess is hard enough. Hey, even rich women need love too right? 

We start off on a bit of a high note with Sky Nellor international DJ extraordinaire. She's an ex-model turned vinyl slinger who spends more time entertaining kids cracked out on ecstasy then focusing on her love life. She's quite easy on the eyes I will admit minus the fact that her "girls" need quite a lift if you catch my drift? Sky my dear you're not a spring chicken anymore. Take care of yourself as those 4am DJ gigs have you spinning around so fast you're starting to look as old as the records! Moving on … we needed to find her someone edgy since she's dated some heavy contenders and someone who can bring her down from the turntable and ground her. The task turned out to be a piece of cake, because we found numerous guys who fit the bill. My money was on Tommy, the entrepreneur who dressed funky and had the voice Barry White would be proud of. Purr!

Now I brought in Stacy Kessler. Let's see, 40 SOMETHING, three kids, actress, dancer, model, baker, snow boarder, surfer, lion tamer, and life coach (Whose life is she coaching?). Whew, did I get it all? Stacy not only has un-movable eyebrows, but is so all over the place that our mission was to find a guy who was not only in the same line of work as her but also can get her to focus. Sure enough the guys we found were perfect, and I really liked Chance for her as his name says it all, and Stacy, it was time you took a "chance" on love! 

The mixer was wonderful with such a plethora of bachelors there from the hunky muscle bound guys to a spaced out artist. If these girls couldn't pick one out of this bunch, then I don't know what they're looking for. To make a long story short, Stacy chose Lawrence "I'm going to paint in outer space with a chimp" and my favorite dark haired "Don Johnson," Chance. Sky decided to go with sweet family man Charlie who we brought back and Tommy. Anyone taking bets yet? After the mini dates ended, they both picked … Kevin! Yay, Kevin I knew he could do it! Wait, who in the hell is Kevin? Oh right the model actor guy. now in the history of Millionaires Club we have two girls wanting the same guy. So we let them duel it out and see whom Kevin chooses in the end.