Double the Millionairesses, Double the Trouble

Rachel gives us her take on this week's tough cookies. 


This week was a double whammy for Team MC as poor Destin and I had two female millionaires to bring to the table. I knew Patti was going to flip at the thought of this, I mean one millionairess is hard enough. Hey, even rich women need love too right? 

We start off on a bit of a high note with Sky Nellor international DJ extraordinaire. She's an ex-model turned vinyl slinger who spends more time entertaining kids cracked out on ecstasy then focusing on her love life. She's quite easy on the eyes I will admit minus the fact that her "girls" need quite a lift if you catch my drift? Sky my dear you're not a spring chicken anymore. Take care of yourself as those 4am DJ gigs have you spinning around so fast you're starting to look as old as the records! Moving on … we needed to find her someone edgy since she's dated some heavy contenders and someone who can bring her down from the turntable and ground her. The task turned out to be a piece of cake, because we found numerous guys who fit the bill. My money was on Tommy, the entrepreneur who dressed funky and had the voice Barry White would be proud of. Purr!

Now I brought in Stacy Kessler. Let's see, 40 SOMETHING, three kids, actress, dancer, model, baker, snow boarder, surfer, lion tamer, and life coach (Whose life is she coaching?). Whew, did I get it all? Stacy not only has un-movable eyebrows, but is so all over the place that our mission was to find a guy who was not only in the same line of work as her but also can get her to focus. Sure enough the guys we found were perfect, and I really liked Chance for her as his name says it all, and Stacy, it was time you took a "chance" on love! 

The mixer was wonderful with such a plethora of bachelors there from the hunky muscle bound guys to a spaced out artist. If these girls couldn't pick one out of this bunch, then I don't know what they're looking for. To make a long story short, Stacy chose Lawrence "I'm going to paint in outer space with a chimp" and my favorite dark haired "Don Johnson," Chance. Sky decided to go with sweet family man Charlie who we brought back and Tommy. Anyone taking bets yet? After the mini dates ended, they both picked … Kevin! Yay, Kevin I knew he could do it! Wait, who in the hell is Kevin? Oh right the model actor guy. now in the history of Millionaires Club we have two girls wanting the same guy. So we let them duel it out and see whom Kevin chooses in the end. 

As we all know in the rules of our club the men are to plan the date no matter who is the millionaire and who is not. Of course DJ Sky just had to go to Miami as she "gets booked months in advanced" and so she made Mystery Kevin come to her. Strike one! Sky shows up to meet Kevin for brunch in a mumu and somewhat hung over needing a "disco nap" from the night before. What's a disco nap? Is that a nap that involves John Travolta and the Hustle while you sleep? I don't get it. Then they go sweat some more in that wonderful Miami heat by playing tennis. Wow, are you still awake at this point? I know riveting date. Kevin says a lot of blah blah, they peck on the cheek, and he whisks off to Barbados to meet Stacy.

Ah Barbados, tropical, warm, and romantic … then Stacy shows up with Kevin. I think I need another pina colada. They go take a look at Stacy's gigantic room big enough for all her baking, dancing, modeling, surfing, life-coaching pals then off to a submarine adventure. Kudos to what's his name for planning that as maybe being 20,000 leagues under the sea will get Stacy to center herself. Well, clearly not as Kevin kept on drinking while Stacy was contemplating how she can become a submarine driver for her next act.  Next they went out for a nice dinner where Stacy talked for hours while Kevin "acted" like he cared. 

Sky clearly is in love more with her headphones and disco naps then she is with finding love. I wish her luck and hope she knows that an 80-year-old DJ isn't so hot. I have to say, we as matchmakers can give our clients what they want, but we can't make lemonade out of sour lemons. Hey, I bet Stacy could, as she told me she is now a lemonade manufacturer. 


Making a Match: Beauty, Bikinis and Breaking The Rules

Patti dishes on helping Julissa Bermudez pick the right guys and why she almost had to throw Adam O'Rourke out!

Season 8 of The Millionaire Matchmaker is one of the most dramatic ever. This time around, Patti Stanger is helping plenty of unlikely clients find love, from Dina Lohan and Bravo's own Sonja Morgan to rap legend Romeo Miller, aka Lil' Romeo!

Each week, we're asking Patti to weigh in on every episode in her exclusive vlog. She'll tackle everything from picking the right guy to calling vs. texting. Hint: real men call. 

This week, she talks about finding Mr. Right for gorgeous TV host Julissa Bermudez, teaching rocker Adam O'Rourke a lesson in starting over and more. Check out the latest episode vlog below and watch past episodes here.

I had really interesting clients this week. First up Julissa Bermudez, she is a TV host and she’s been on tons of networks all over the place she is drop dead gorgeous. I don’t know why she’s coming to me to find a relationship but I figure out right away it’s not about meeting the guy, it’s about meeting the right guy.

She is starting to realize that while the alpha guys are hot, they don’t really want her for her. She’s got to shake the habit of going with these alpha guys so I set her up with Tiffany Haddish who’s a famous comedian. She’s Arsenio’s sidekick, a no nonsense girl. She’s hot, she dates in Hollywood but she is not afraid to tell it how it is. Julissa gets it, Tiffany is smart.

My other client this week is Adam O'Rourke. He’s gotten to the point where he wanted to settle down and he wasn’t meeting any quality women, so he pretends to be a tough guy when he’s actually really nice. And I’m actually happy to set him up.

So we do some recruiting at the Leica Gallery in West Hollywood. A museum or a gallery is a great way to find young, sophisticated singles and we size up a bunch of guys and girls for a classy dinner mixer with Julissa and Adam.

The next day we introduce Julissa to four great guys and Adam to four great girls. They all sit down at the private club and get to know each other.

Julissa ends up picking a great guy named Sam; he’s a successful real estate entrepreneur. He is handsome but laidback and isn’t the guy who needs to be alpha all the time. If Julissa can get to like a guy like that, then she might be on her way to true love.

Meanwhile, Adam chooses a beautiful blonde named Hailey. She and Adam certainly have chemistry so I am happy with this choice.

Sam takes Julissa out to paint some pottery, which is actually a cool move, they get to talk and do something creative together. But then he also brings the romance with drinks and dinner at the Georgian at the beautiful Santa Monica Hotel. Julissa gets to feel cherished; I hope she likes the feeling.

Meanwhile, Adam makes his first mistake of the week; he invites Hailey back to his house. Usually I’d kick him out of the club for things like this, but it turns out he heard her say she’s never had her man cook for her and he wanted to fulfill her wish. Okay, I’ll let him slide on this one. He was a gentleman even when she put on her bikini to sunbathe in the backyard. Good job, Adam.

At the end I think Julissa learned to go for the guy who lets her be the star and Adam got a lesson in starting over. I hope they both take what they learned into the future. We will see.


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