The Millionaires

Bryce is sure Keith will make someone happy, just not her.

Oct 21, 2010


When I was first approached last spring to be on The Millionaire Matchmaker, I immediately thought, "No way in hell." After careful consideration, I figured it was worth a shot and would also be a fun way to get my website,, out there a little more. What I didn't expect was how the interactions with Patti would go down.

Filming was fun and definitely left some lasting memories, and it's too bad that the fun, light-hearted stuff didn't actually make it into the episode. I'm hardly that serious -- in fact, if you read my website at all you'll notice that most of the stuff I write is downright silly or even kind of shocking. I was disappointed that Patti started the show by introducing me as an "heiress" that comes from the Dannon fortune. The truth is, whatever I have, I've made for myself. I have no ties to Dannon at this point in my life, and I will continue to earn my own money the old fashioned way -- by working hard.

The episode definitely paints me in a snobbish light, and that's a shame because anyone that really knows me would probably tell you the exact opposite story. I'm a 26 year old single mother living in Manhattan alone. Any place I go, anything I experience or own, I've gotten for myself. I have complete, total, and utter appreciation for the people I love, the experiences I have, and all the blessings in my life.