The Millionaires

PJ explains why he did the show and shares the status of his and Amy's relationship.

Nov 24, 2010

Truth is, I have never had a real job. I have spent the majority of my life doing the things I love, and became so good at some of them that I built a career on it. I took what I learned, doing all these amazing things and figured out how to create value for companies and then of course talked them into paying me for it.

I continue to live my dream, spending six months out of the year on an island, living it up with my island friends, pursuing my interest in music, renovating my surf shack, landscaping my yard, growing my own veggies, and catching my own fish, conch, and lobster. 

So Patti, say what you will, but I think my friends and fans (interesting new concept) will back me on this. I have worked very hard to create a life that is perfect for me. There is nothing anyone can say that will make me feel bad about the choices I've made for myself, because I have always been true to myself, and I sleep well at night knowing this.

For the rest of the blog I will respond to the questions I get asked most.

First one, "Did you find love?" I did not. I did meet a great girl. Amy is wonderful. We had a great time sharing this experience and we remain friends, but she's not "the one" for me. Truth is, I did not expect to meet anyone on the show. Actually, I don't believe that anyone can find love by looking for it. It finds you when you are just being yourself. So that’s what I'm doing.