The Millionaires

John couldn't have been happier with Patti's selections for him.

Jan 7, 2011

When the mixer had first begun, I was a bit overwhelmed. I remember that Rachel was very sweet and professional during the process, and I just tried to follow Patti's advice. I was very excited about all of the wonderful girls that Patti had there for me. During the mixer, two girls stood out to me: Annie and Dana.

Both were very beautiful, fun, sweet and attracted me in their own way. Ultimately, I decided to choose Dana because I felt like we had more in common.

My date with Dana was fantastic in every regard. She was very fun and outgoing, and I really enjoyed her company.  She did a wonderful job riding my horse Buster for someone who had never ridden before. We had a fantastic and romantic dinner with wonderful conversation. I felt very comfortable with her throughout the whole date. It felt as if we had been on several dates together, and I was happy that Patti had found such a great and genuine person to match me with so that we could connect. 

Dana and I still remain very good friends and talk all the time. I'm glad to see that genuine women like her with old fashioned values, morals, and beliefs still do exist. Thanks again to Patti and everyone who was with me throughout this fantastic journey, especially my close friends John Moshos and Frank Wainwright.  


John Bongiorno