The Millionaires

Judith tells us how Patti made her believe in love again. 

Dec 15, 2010

I am endlessly amused by Patti Stanger. She is aggressive, opinionated, and a true believer. As in she truly believes in love. She convinced me of this when she appeared as a guest on my SIRIUS/XM radio show  months ago.

She told me that she could find a man who would be worthy of my love. When she told me this, I told her that I had retired, that I had had my fill, that love held no sway over me any longer. I had loved and lost and lost. And loved again. And lost again. I too had once foolishly believed in the whole fantasy and had spent the better part of my life swearing that I'd never fall in love again.

What do you get when you fall in love, you only get lies and pain and sorrow. How many times has that song played in my head? But I was firm in my resolve to never bother with the nonsense of relationships again, and I emphatically stated to Patti that I would never fall in love again. Oh no, not me! Never again! I had retired to the more comfortable world of lemon meringue pies and dark chocolate kisses.

When she same on my radio show, she dismissed my disinterest in men out of hand. She had no time for my stupidity. She, the "Millionaire Matchmaker," would find me a match! She was so focused and so almost innocent in her belief that this was possible, that I gave in. It's that simple. By her believing, I decided to believe.

And this was the moment I realized that Patti Stanger, the aggressive, sometimes rude, sometimes crude, sometimes difficult woman, was right. Patti Stanger is right because no matter what, no matter the heartache of her own life or mine or yours, no matter what we've been through, she believes that there is love and that love in the end triumphs over all.