The Millionaires

Matthew explains how things went from bad to worse on his date with Rhett.

Dec 29, 2010

The first thing that Patti asked me prior to my appearance on The Millionaire Matchmaker was, "What are you looking for? What qualities do you like and dislike?" I said that I like guys who are younger, late 20's or 30's, who have a bit of an edge. People with their own sense of style are good; no popped collars and Dockers, please. An artistic bent scores points, and an appreciation of irony, dark humor, and the absurd is essential. As for dislikes, I said that drama queens and psychos need not apply and that drug and alcohol issues are unwelcome.

At a mixer held in a chic club, Patti assembled a pool of six candidates from which I would choose one for the big date. She decided to streamline the selection process by scheduling six, ten-minute "mini dates" back-to-back. Being charming for sixty minutes without a break was more exhausting than I would have thought; I hope I pulled it off.

None of the guys was a perfect match. Most were understandably nervous and therefore didn't say much. As for physical attraction, only one was a home run: Jimmy, the 26-year- old NYU grad student. Unfortunately, he appeared to be petrified and hardly said a word.

So I chose Rhett. He was the most enthusiastic and expressive of the six and our conversation was lively and effortless. As for looks, he wasn't exactly my type, but I didn't find him unattractive.