The Millionaires

David loved his experience on the show but is still looking for Mr. Right. 

Nov 1, 2010


When I was approached to do "The Millionaire Matchmaker," I said yes because my style of dealing with people is very similar to Patti's –- I tend to relate best to people who are in your face, straight up New York style, tell it like it is, what you see is what you get, give tough love, etc.  I figured if anyone can work their magic for me, it was Patti, and thus I decided to embark on this adventure and look for "love" on reality TV.

I'll never forget the day I met Patti. She was exactly what I expected, and yet, I still don't think I had enough coffee that morning for the whirlwind that is Patti Stanger. During my first meeting with Patti, she made it very clear that I am not all that, I need to get over myself, I am a superficial bitch, I have a self inflated ego and incorrect perception of myself, and I am going to die alone if she didn't shrink my head and teach me to give people more of a chance and not dismiss them so readily based on physical appearance and my "long checklist."  

I mean, do looks count? Yes. Are they everything? No. I KNOW that -– I GET it. I think Patti oversimplified the reasons as to why I am single by overestimating my supposed superficiality and "checklist" and underestimating my ability to find the right outgoing, yet laid back, mainstream (for lack of a better word), yet offbeat, smart, educated, and successful, yet not boastful of such accomplishments, who can go to a black tie function one night, yet drink cheap beer out of can in a dingy bar the next, personality match. Am I, to quote Ms. Stanger, overly judgmental, critical, and analytical? Maybe, but aren't most New Yorkers? Don't all New Yorkers want the best of everything? Isn't that why we live here? Does the fact that I may or may not be all of these things negate the fact that I am also a fun, happy, nice, kind-hearted (in my OWN way) person?