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Patti's Favorite Episode

Chickens and Chauvanism

Episode 2:'s Associate Editor ponders mini chickens, ice saunas, and female entourages.

Episode 2 starts with so many big changes! There is love for everyone! Sex Toy Dave got married! He found someone to poll dance with for the rest of their lives. From Serbia! Destin got a new haircut. Already things are so hopeful and exciting, my Grinch heart is feeling full. And we know that everyone's favorite 90210 gal is showing up soon makes me even more excited. So let's dive right in to our lesson's learned.

Important Bulletin: "In 2011 a woman can be domesticated, still have a job, and still come home and give you a BJ at the end of the day." -- Patti Stanger.

Just FYI America. No excuses.

Do: Let your tiny chickens roam free, yet still maintain compsure.

OK, so maybe this isn't a dating Do per say, but Tori's command of Coco Chanel, the miniature chicken with a penchant for scones, or lack of concern, is a great example of modern womanhood. She raises those precious nugget children of hers (I've been a Liam fan since Day 1, that tot's got style), is adorable on her Oxygen shows, has made books/websites/etc. with amazing Tori-based puns ( people? C'mon that's gold), and is still happily betrothed. Let's all learn something from Donna Martin, people. We can have it all.

Do: Change your hair color for a man, but don't count on the results

When annelise arrived it seemed like she was a clear bet for David. She was whip smart, able to balance a baby and a paintbrush at once, and she had a cute face. One issue: she had a hair color unrecognized by Clairol. Et voila. She arrives at the mixer in full brunette territory (and looking a bit like patti to be honest). However, David picked Stephanie (who had hair almost exactly a's original shade). Whatever girl! Work that look or wait 20-30 washes and then try to date again. Your call.

Don't: Have sex without condoms monogamy!

If there was going to be a Patti pull string doll the quote above would easily be the second or third refrain (behind "Penis does the picking" and "No gingers"). It's on of the major tenants of her entire operation. It's practically emblazoned on the hot pink headquarters walls.

Unfortunately, after the intimate dinner, many of the ladies did not know how to complete the sentence. For shame. Even more for shame that one of those gals seemed to only obey the first part. Foreshadowing!

Do be cool with a gaggle of hot ladies crashing your date

So let's talk about Brian. Brian is in the trading card business. But unlike the only trading cards I ever collected (The Lion King what, what), these cards feature scantily clad females. Brian wanted a Jennifer Aniston-type, and Patti delivered with Deborah (she actually reminded me of Genevieve Gorder, which is still good just fact). But Brian was a touch out of practice, hence why he thought it might make him look good to be approached by a veritable herd of his coworkers (seriously I lost count of the hotties). Sure it could have been a "coincidence", but no matter the reason Deborah played it like a champ. She didn't even bat an eye. "Oh you said hot chicks? I don't even care I'm just here noshing on this hot app, unbothered. Continue being hot, whatevs." To her, I (and Brian) bestow to her The Roll With It award.

Do be cool, not hot, not ice sauna frigid

Stephanie on the other hand was not rolling with it when it came to ice saunas. After David imported her to Canada he treated her not with ketchup chips or maple syrup but a gussied up meat locker that promised sexual endorphins. Stephanie, not being an Eskimo or frozen produce was unamused.

After the doing their best Arnold Schwarzenegger in Batman & Robin impressions, things maybe went a touch too far in the warmth direction. The evening moved from one-handed bra removal in the hot tub to short salad break to night caps in the hotel room. Oof. Someone is not listening to their Patti pull string. Also David never went out with her again. Yikes stripes.

Next week this guy doesn't know what denim is. I can't even! Where have you been man?!

Patti Turns NeNe's Bridesmaids to Brides

Patti thinks it won’t be long before these two are following their friend Nene Leakes’ lead down the aisle.

Read Patti's full transcript after the jump!

OK, greatest week ever. We have my friend NeNe Leakes out here from Atlanta and she brought me the gift that keeps on giving, great women who are looking to be set up! So I’m doing NeNe a favor this week and we’re throwing her two eligible bridesmaids a mixer to top all mixers. These girls are gonna get hooked up, and if they play their cards right, they might end up with a handsome man on their arm.

So let’s get this started. NeNe introduces me to Dawn Robinson and Diana Gowins. Diana is the mothering type. Not just a little bit, she could out-mother Mother Teresa. I get where she’s coming from, she’s an ex-nurse, she’s got three kids, she’s a nurturer. But she’s got a problem: she over-nurtures and that gives the guys the wrong signal, especially when they start dating. A man doesn’t want his date to be a mother until they have some children together. Until then, she’s his hot wife and Diana’s got to lead with the sexy and bring the mothering to the table later. That one’s easy.

Dawn is a little tougher. She’s tall, gorgeous, but also really intellectually smart, and she knows it. She’s got a high finance job, and she doesn’t need a man telling her anything. Well, there’s the problem because a man needs to at least feel like he’s worth something. So Dawn doesn’t need to play dumb, but she also doesn’t need to intimidate the guy or drive over the guy like a competitive tank commander. Alpha women are tough to change, but I can sometimes get them to put away the alpha from time to time to lure a man in. And if Dawn listens to me and tries not to compete with the guy right out of the gate, she’ll be happy she did because the guys will come to her like bees to honey.

So NeNe and I have our work cut out for us this week and we set up a recruiting so NeNe could help me pick out fine gentlemen for her friends. It was a really good idea. She knows what they like, but she’s also honest and knows what they tend to do, and what men aren’t right for them.

NeNe helped us pick the right men, and I think it was worth it because we had a great mixer. The mixer was a classy affair at The Mark and everybody had a great time. The men were respectful but they also were having fun. NeNe and I kept an eye on things, making sure Diana didn’t try to mother anybody out of the door and that Dawn kept her man eating claws inside.  Both girls did great, and by the end each had chosen a great guy, Dawn had Isaac eating out of the palm of her hand and Diana had Dante right where she wanted him staring right back at her.

And because these two are best friends, we decided to let them have a little back up. They all went out together on a double date. The guys were told to plan the date, and Isaac and Dante did great. They got Louis Van Amstel from Dancing With The Stars to give them salsa dancing lessons and then they also had a romantic rooftop winter wonderland dinner where they actually made it snow. Which in L.A. is kind of amazing.

At the end of the week, I think both girls had a really great time. Time will tell, but I think it won’t be long before these two are following their friend Nene’s lead and dancing down their own aisles. And they’ll just have me and NeNe to thank. Well, you’re welcome girls. 

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