Destin Pfaff

Destin has some issues with his dating profile name, but not with this week's millionaires.

on Nov 15, 2011

Mara lets the games begin and we interview a slew of girls including:

  • Maria the stuntwoman from New York. She's perfect for Marcellus.
  • Monique the beautiful and sweet "Beyonce-ish-kinda" girl for Marsellus.
  • Rolana the age appropriate choice for Michael.
  • And Sharnay. . .the crazy hot mess with the bad weave. Weave? For some reason I hate that word.

At the mixer, the millionaires hit it off with each other, the girls all do their makeovers like they're supposed to (first time!) and we wind up making solid matches after a few millionaire misteps (stop interviewing and bragging, people!)

Marcellus picks Monique and they play tennis then have a nice dinner. It's a rather sweet choice that I would have expected to fail. But it doesn't. Touchdown!

Michael chooses Rolana and takes her on a hot air balloon ride followed by a fancy dinner in a winery with a string quartet and a serenade. Alright Michael, I made fun of your singing earlier, but this song -- not too shabby. You made her cry, in a good way. Gold star.

In the end, the ageist is cured and the football player is humbled, everyone has a second date and Rachel and I go make relationship website profiles (Rachel: Divalicious and me, ALTERNATIVE GUY -- really Patti? Alternative guy? That's my profile name? I'm screwed). Well, we did good, lets hope it sticks!