Destin Pfaff

Destin discusses which era of Jessica Simpon Steve needs and how much God loves boobies.

on Sep 22, 2011

Gary picks the boob-er-ific Jennifer and takes her out on a date where he gives her a pedicure and a facial. Nope, not creepy at all.

Steve picked Renee Russo -– I mean Sally –- and takes her surfing (he's not good), then to dinner and conversation connecting (she’s not good).

In the end, Gary and his date actually had a nice time and he even realized his shortcomings. He's checking his list twice, and maybe even considering crossing some things off (not God, not boobies). As for Steve, he's learned a lot too. It wasn't a match for him, but hopefully it helped him open his eyes to fix some mistakes of his past, so he can fix his life in love in the future.

Oh, and Jersey. . .sorry I said you sucked. Not really. No, I'm kidding. I am. No I'm not. . .OK, I am. Well. . .