Patti Stanger

Patti explains why both dates this week were ultimately success stories, as she sheds light on Daniel's dating situation.

on Aug 29, 2011

So it's mixer and it's a full-on mixer. And both guys are in it to win it. Max is like I need the most sexy European girl. And in walks Clark. Clark is gorgeous. She's what I want at every mixer. She is almost 6 feet tall. She's a supermodel. She's busy all the time. She's booked. She's entrepreneurial. She speaks other languages. It's a win, win, win. They fall madly in love. There was no contest. I don't have to worry about him. He was done in five seconds. He sold it. He's going to take her to The Royal Wedding.

Now I gotta worry about Daniel. Daniel is a hot train wreck. He wants a party girl. Granted there are nice party girls who are intellectual and fun. There's Holly and there's Tori, but no. He has to pick Bogner, torn-up Sheerena. Where'd she get the name like that I don't know. And I'm thinking to myself, "Don't pick Lindsay Lohan. Don't pick Lindsay Lohan. Don't pick. . ." And he picks her. And I'm like, "Oh my god, what am I going to do?" Because I'm just a matchmaker I can't decide what you take. So he makes a date to go downtown to a gallery walk and have a nice little dinner. And she's so aggressive, asking him questions like, "You know, when's the last time you got laid? How many lovers do you have?" It's so inappropriate. But does he shut it down, which I told him to do. No, no, no to ex talk. No. 

So they end up having a terrible evening. She feels really uncomfortable because now he's talking about his ex, and she's put on her therapist hat and the sex neutralizes, even though she's attracted to him. And there's nowhere to go.

THe comes into the office the next day to explain what happened -- in his red hoodie. He kind of regressed back to Santa Claus land and Mr. Rodgers. And I'm like, wait, what happened to the clothes I bought you. "They're dirty." "So go buy more," I say, you're a millionaire. And he realizes he made a huge mistake.

There's just one thing that saves the day. Called his Ex. Found out information about why they broke up. And now he's thinking about getting back together with the ex. So technically I did make two matches.