Patti Stanger

Patti talks about setting up her good friend Madison, and the moment that moved her this week.

on Sep 15, 2011

his week is different. We've got two guys. One is my closest friend Madison. He's the top realtor in Malibu. And then I've got Eric, who's a top producer in the entertainment field. Really great guys, but not right for each other.

So I get four guys for Madison and four guys for Eric. I'm really excited because Madison's always fought me about fixing him up. But this time he's ready. No sex before monogamy; he's going to go slow. He wants to find his dream guy. Same thing for Eric. Both guys are relationship guys, which is a real big plus in the gay community. So I fix each guy with four mini-dates at a beautiful home that Madison has given me.

Lo and behold, Charlie walks in, and I'm thinking this is perfect for Madison. And everyone thought, "No that's not his look. He likes Latino." He's blue-eyed. He's blonde. I kinda of spiff-ify his hair, make him sexy-wexy. And sure enough, Madison goes for him.

They go on a date. They have this fabulous paddle-board date on Catalina, with a lunch on the beach, and candlelight, and the whole wonderful thing. They're in love. They're going out a second time. They love each other

Now I've got Eric to worry about. Eric I'm a little nervous, because he hasn't really been doing the right thing. So I fix him up with my doctor, Dr. Nikki, who's going to teach him how to get out of his head and into his heart because Eric kind of analyzes everything like a business deal.