Rachel Federoff

Rachel gets into the Canadian spirit and shares her thoughts on the "Bench Warmer" business.

on Aug 19, 2011

I've noticed in my years of matchmaking that no matter where you go there will always be people searching for love and needing our help -- we could be in La-La Land, The Big Apple, or even the land of hockey, bacon, and using the word "eh" after every sentence. That's right good ol' Canada! I really do love Canada and the people there are as sweet as can be.

Of course, there's always one in the bunch that has to ruin it all right!?!
This week I had the pleasure of bringing a little Canuck to Team MC, David Mezheritsky AKA David Mez. We'll just call him "The Mez." I think he'd like that, eh? Now don't get me wrong -- he's quite a looker and quite a charmer, but, boy howdy, this one's living in the dark ages. Yes, women can still stay home and be housewives, but they can also have a life on top! I'm living proof! I take care of my two-year-old son Sin Halo and matchmake and do most of the housework! Yes, we superwomen exist! David needed a gal that could be a superwoman to show him. Stepford is so passé, eh. Oh and by the way I stand corrected, he's cocky.

Destin this week brought Team MC Brian Wallos AKA Mr. Benchwarmer. We'll just leave it at that. I really had issues with the whole scantily clad hoochies on baseball cards thing. I'm just not into treating women like sides of Canadian bacon. "The Mez" on the other hand, would love this! Brian's issue was finding a gal that could handle his bench warming babes and wanting to settle down and have a family -- fair enough. Brian, sadly, was as rusty as an old can of Labatt Blue. He hadn't been on a real date in years so it was time to get this guy off the bench and in the game. We decided to do an intimate dinner mixer as these two needed to get their heads in the game, and I don't mean the ones downstairs.

We chose the perfect girls for both fellas now it was up to them to pick wisely. I was really hoping "The Mez" was going to chose Annaliese as she really was the right choice. Instead the head downstairs decided to control the situation, and he picked Stephanie. Figures. Brian, on the other end of the table was failing miserably with the girls. It was really painful to watch actually. We were all hoping for Debra to be his teammate, and sure enough she was! Go team!