Rachel Federoff

Rachel gets into the Canadian spirit and shares her thoughts on the "Bench Warmer" business.

on Aug 19, 20110

"The Mez" decided it was now time for a little tonsil hockey with Stephanie and all was right in the world. Right? Right? Oye vey, eh.

I'm going to cut right to the chase, Brian besides your "Benchwarmer Babes" showing up randomly (yeah right!) to dinner, you get the A+ this week. You were romantic, gentlemanly, and clearly used a bit of WD40 with Debra. So proud of you slugger!

Now on to the failure this week as there always has to be one. "The Mez" just couldn't get enough of his home and had his date imported in to Canada. First stop the ever popular Ice Sauna where you too can experience what it's like to be a Canadian icicle. Hey girls don't this sound like fun and romantic hanging out in a meat locker? Then they of course had to take a steamy bath where "The Mez" decided to pull the old take-off-the-bikini-top-with-one-hand trick. Classy. I'm not sure how those two even made it to dinner. At this point, I was waiting for them to hurl themselves onto the table and roll around in their Caesar salads. Have you lost your appetite yet? Because I sure have. Of course, there was no arm twisting to get Stephanie into his penthouse for a nice glass of Canadian Mist and then, well, the rest is history.

It's no surprise "The Mez" is still searching the mountains of Canada to find his wife. I'm sure he's going to be on ice for a very long time. Brian, well you are on the right track and we salute you! Coco the chicken, it's really impolite to peck at scones before the guest has one. Bad chicken!


Someone needs to tell Mr. Benchwarmer that $5M isn't that much.


Love your blogs! There is a picture of you on here with your son Sin, gorgeous picture, your just glowing happines and look beautiful! Congrats on another season!