Rachel Federoff

Rachel discusses how they ended up with such bizarre clients this week and how she thinks Frank can solve his control issues.

on Sep 21, 20110

Ladies and gents this week was one wild ride at the Millionaires Club. Destin and I decided we were gluttons for punishment and so we brought in Frank a millionaire plastic surgeon from Las Vegas who looked like Lou Ferrigno's-hair-plug-wearing–chalk-white-teeth-bearing cousin. Frank's problem: control freak to the max. I wonder if he doesn't get his way does he turn green too?


Rachel, you have beautiful, long, flowing hair. I think you look sensational without the bandana. Also help me understand your fashion statement with the pink bangs. Is that a trend I am not familiar with? I'm not sure it is the most attractive look for you. However, my assumption after watching you is that your goal is probably to be yourself and not necessarily to fulfill societies definition of attraction.