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M.I.T., Yeah You Know Me!

Rachel keeps it G-rated in honor of the two young millionaires in need of Patti's wisdom.

Warning this blog is rated G as this week it was Kinder-Match at Millionaires Club. It is slightly refreshing to ditch the stuffy suits and bring in the young pups. As a mother I know all too well how to fit in with the kiddies.

My client was Bill -- young, nerdy, and looked like he could be related to Ritchie Cunningham. I love Bill, truly, as he really is a hard worker and all around sweet guy. Contrary the opinion of someone I know, there is nothing wrong with redheads! There are plenty of redheads that get dates, marry, and have kids! The only issue with Bill was that he was just too shy and stuck in computer land. Ya gotta have sex appeal in some capacity to get the girl. I think his choice with Tracey was perfect. She was cute, sweet, and really had a head on her shoulders!

Destin had Skylar, uber young, uber cocky, and cute to boot. Growing up having to work for my moolah, I can understand those fortunate to have their life handed down on a silver platter -- but I have no respect for those who take advantage of it. This young buck's daily ritual: work out, clean up, go clubbing. Yep, life's hard. This is our future America -- oy vey. His problem, well besides not having to lift a finger for his nifty old blue car, jumping from girl to girl. This kid is your typical 20-something male that just wants to date every Sally, Jane, and Cindy. Wake up Sky, mommy and daddy's money won't last forever and being old, alone, and broke isn't a joke. Just saying.

The mixer was a success the lads chose the right girls and cooled off with a nice leap in the pool. Sky took Jen to hot yoga, because here we go again with guys thinking girls love to sweat on a first date. For the love of twister, guys we don't want to workout and sweat on a date!!! So not cool. At least he took her to a nice dinner afterwards and a kiss on the cheek. Ah, young love.

Meanwhile in Bill's world, he took Tracey to the Santa Monica Pier for boardwalk fun. Now this is a great date especially for those young'uns. It was a nice effort trying to give her a kiss at the top of the Ferris Wheel but alas he has a long way to go.

To wrap it all up, I was kind of hoping for a piñata, cake and ice cream oooh and balloon animals! Ah well maybe next time.