Rachel Federoff

Rachel focuses on the part of the Cruz brother that most disturbed her -- working out.

on Oct 12, 20110

Apparently Team MC decided we wanted to now be in Philly -- the city of brotherly love.

This week we had the uber-Chrisitan Cruz brothers Abe and David in the house. Abe was "bad boy gone God" and David was "What Would Jesus Do with a broken heart?" They reminded me of TBN's version of Jersey Shore. I wonder if they would pay themselves to stop wearing their Forever Faith clothing? Ah well, they were a couple of nice sweet boys regardless.


I must say, working out 1st thing after you've just spent hours getting ready to look great, is not my idea of a date! Those guys were lucky the girls were so awesome. Kudos to the girls for keeping it cool and making it still look hot!