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The Battle For Change

Destin explains what went wrong with David and his new hairstyle.

The Battle For Change -- Sigh, that’s what it felt like anyway.

This week we had tons of change. . .starting things off with Sex Toy Dave changing his ways and settling down and getting married. Hopefully for his sake, his new wife is better than his pole.

Then we had the, um, lovely Tori Spelling moving from 90210 to a free roaming furry pet chicken farm -- complete with pre-pecked breakfast scones. Sorry, animals on the table are gross, but at least she gave some good womanly advice.

Then there were our millionaires, one changing from his chauvinist ways into a decent dater, the other. . .changing his underwear (allegedly) after sex (allegedly).

Brian is constantly surrounded by gorgeous women, and claims to always make them jealous. Thankfully Brian picked a confidant woman and proved that his beautiful work friends are, in fact, just friends -- and he knows how to keep work and play separate. Kudos. Nice job. Good date. Nice guy. Sorry, I yelled at you.

David, however, wasn't able to change his mind that a woman could not only be beautiful, but also have a job, and raise a family. . .probably because although he found a great match, he instead chose to go with the other girl and attempt to freeze her. At least he was a gentleman and found a way to quickly "warm her up." Wait, that twitch ain't gentlemanly!

Our two daters were ultimately happy in the end, even if we, the matchmakers, weren't. . .and yeah, give it up too soon -- and he ain't callin' ya, sister!

Well at least you all remember what we say, "No sex without condoms er. . .monogamy."

And what the hell is up with my hair?