The Little Matchmaker Recap

Episode 1:'s Associate Editor gleans lessons from Patti's first week back in L.A. -- specifically about proper posing and helicopter etiquette.

Aug 15, 2011

She's baaaaaaaaack! We're back to the land Patti Stanger loves the most. The California daters tend to be a little more accepting of our gal. Perhaps it's the fresh smoggy air that makes them more open-minded. Anywho, as a single lady myself, I'll be watching this season with a careful eye to the lessons Patti can teach me. So follow along as we see what Commandant of Courting has taught us.

Do: Wear a headscarf while single and driving a convertible.

 Can we just talk for a minute about Patti wearing a head scarf when she's driving across L.A.?

I'm not sure why this to me was such a highlight of the episode! I just fell for how chic she looked. The pink with the leopard, with the braid. Way to take a cue from Bridget Jones' mini-break style, PS (Can I call you that?). Let's take the scarf out on the town and find it a male ascot to mate with, you know what I'm saying. . .