The Little Matchmaker Recap

Episode 1:'s Associate Editor gleans lessons from Patti's first week back in L.A. -- specifically about proper posing and helicopter etiquette.

Aug 15, 20110

She's baaaaaaaaack! We're back to the land Patti Stanger loves the most. The California daters tend to be a little more accepting of our gal. Perhaps it's the fresh smoggy air that makes them more open-minded. Anywho, as a single lady myself, I'll be watching this season with a careful eye to the lessons Patti can teach me. So follow along as we see what Commandant of Courting has taught us.

Do: Wear a headscarf while single and driving a convertible.

 Can we just talk for a minute about Patti wearing a head scarf when she's driving across L.A.?

I'm not sure why this to me was such a highlight of the episode! I just fell for how chic she looked. The pink with the leopard, with the braid. Way to take a cue from Bridget Jones' mini-break style, PS (Can I call you that?). Let's take the scarf out on the town and find it a male ascot to mate with, you know what I'm saying. . .


ok, so stop with the tests! You're scaring the good ones away and it makes you seem like you're trying to mislead them. You can learn a lot more about her by just having some quality date time! Be the guy you were at dinner- charming, laid back, flirty! You're a great catch- You're just getting in your own way! Watch to see if you agree with me!


Mr all about boats is clearly not at the "settle down" place yet in his life. He totally picked the wrong girl for a date. Of course, she is beautiful and a great catch for someone else but come on! All they had in common was chemistry..and I'm thinking he thought there was chemistry and not her!