The Little Matchmaker Recap

Episode 1:'s Associate Editor gleans lessons from Patti's first week back in L.A. -- specifically about proper posing and helicopter etiquette.

Aug 15, 2011

Do: Shower often and in the middle of your dates

Patti's first bachelor is Gary, who's hilariously from New York. She just can't get away. Gary's an internet empire type -- who actually owns a dating website of some kind, interestingly enough. He wants Patti to find him a lady that loves boats. Boats are like A, Number 1 requirement. Not far behind: hygiene. If you go on a date with Gary, and then you come home, you should take a shower, like before moving it to the bedroom or the living room, of anywhere. I'm curious if he has an outdoor shower at his house to facilitate this, or if he just herds his would-be mates into the bathroom upon arrival. Gary retreats a bit on this when Patti questions him about it (spurning her to believe he might have multiple personalities), but it's still an important lesson to learn. Cleanliness? Who knew.