The Little Matchmaker Recap

Episode 11:'s Associate Editor pours a glass of wine out for Frank's drunk date and for Jason's ill-fated raft trip.

Nov 8, 20110

Oh my, wasn't there much to learn this week from our millionaires? We learned the importance of drinking before zip-lining -- but not drinking too much after. We learned never to raft on a date. We learned that drag queens are great at bingo. Really the lessons roll on.

Do: Loosen up the dull with dance classes -- eyebrow dance clases
Patti's first millionaire was Jason -- a Ryan Seacrest type trapped in the wilds of Philadelphia. He wants a lady who can live an active lifestyle with him, and possibly make him a big more active. Patti asks him if he's a city boy or the country type and it takes him roughly 25 minutes to formulate an answer. This level of dazzling conversation skills leads Patti to send him to a dance class to loosen up.

Well his eyebrows are definitely loosened. Here's hoping.

David M
David M

I thought Frank was really cool also. I have to admit I am not not sure what type of guy would be a good fit for Frank? But he was Funny,Interesing, and witty. And I could totally see him getting calls after this episode aired. As for the other guy, I felt so sorry for him, the raft Idea not thought out ahead very well? I think he might be losing himself with thinking too much and he stops in talking, maybe some more dance / Movement classes might actually do the trick. He seemed to like to laugh, and had a cute giggle. Maybe a girl that can make him laugh so hard he stops thinking is what he needs. I might be on to something..Love your Show. :)

Alexa Allen
Alexa Allen

Frank so far has been your best client!! !I cant believe that jacka** (kid) made Frank think he was cool. He had evryone fooled. I want to see Frank matched with someone. Can we have a follow up on him? Thanks, Alexa