The Little Matchmaker Recap

Episode 11:'s Associate Editor pours a glass of wine out for Frank's drunk date and for Jason's ill-fated raft trip.

Nov 8, 20110

Don't: Get drunk
There's a reason that Patti keeps it to a two drink minimum. And the reason is the way that Paul's date with Frank shook out.


Let's hope he had plenty of Advil on hand in his hotel room.

Don't: Take your date on a raft.
Poor Jason. He tried to loosen up a bit, but loosening up on a raft was the worst place to do so. His date was so incredibly disinterested in getting them to dry land, and then when they got there things were epescially -- dry. The conversation flowed like water from a rock. This was not the woman to unearth Jason's inner chatter box. If only he had gotten as drunk as Paul, there might have been some conversation.

Needless to say, not the finiest week in millionaire preformance -- however, I have high hopes for  next week. Marcellus Wiley looks to be about the cutest man I've ever seen. Here's hoping Patti finds something that does indeed, "give him wood."



David M
David M

I thought Frank was really cool also. I have to admit I am not not sure what type of guy would be a good fit for Frank? But he was Funny,Interesing, and witty. And I could totally see him getting calls after this episode aired. As for the other guy, I felt so sorry for him, the raft Idea not thought out ahead very well? I think he might be losing himself with thinking too much and he stops in talking, maybe some more dance / Movement classes might actually do the trick. He seemed to like to laugh, and had a cute giggle. Maybe a girl that can make him laugh so hard he stops thinking is what he needs. I might be on to something..Love your Show. :)

Alexa Allen
Alexa Allen

Frank so far has been your best client!! !I cant believe that jacka** (kid) made Frank think he was cool. He had evryone fooled. I want to see Frank matched with someone. Can we have a follow up on him? Thanks, Alexa