The Millionaires

Brian explains the difference between a playboy and a player and gives us an update on his relationship with Debra.

Aug 25, 2011

Rachel said "Ew" but let me explain that there is nothing at all "Ew" about it. There is no nudity or overtly sexual content in any Bench Warmer products. The photographs are sexy, yet tasteful, and I pride myself on the quality of our content and the Bench Warmer models respect me for it and love being a part of this. We created a real collectible from scratch with a loyal core audience of thousands of collectors and an active secondary market. I am also very proud of our charity efforts with Toys for Tots and Children of the Night. Since 2006, Bench Warmer has raised over 5,000 toys for needy children through our annual Holiday Toy drive. The best playboys also care about philanthropy and want to give back!

I love how Patti called the Bench Warmer girls "goddesses." I'm not so thrilled with the term "floozy" and would defend that broad generalized stereotype by providing specific examples of gorgeous "LA 10" girls who absolutely defy the term "floozies" but that's a whole different blog.
I respect Patti for admitting she was wrong about me, that's rare these days. She is tough but also fair which I also respect about anybody I work with. She did a great job. Oh and she looked really good too! Thanks to Destin, a straight up guy who believed in the "real Brian."

To any other people considering appearing on this show I highly recommend it. I only have one way to sum it upfor you if you are nervous.

These people are all very fair. Yes, cameras are rolling, of course, but it's up to you how you behave.

Lastly, Debra is a beautiful and classy girl. We are having a lot of fun together.
That's all you need to know.

Thank you for watching!

Brian Wallos

AKA "Mr. Bench Warmer"
AKA "Patti's Don Juan"