The Millionaires

Frank thinks his episode of 'Matchmaker' was best -- even if Paul drank a little too much.

Nov 10, 2011

As a Las Vegas Strip headliner in a steady relationship for 18 years, I felt like I was ready for something new. My relationship had turned into more of a business partnership and I was ready to put myself out there. I surround myself with "Divas," so I was looking for someone a bit low-key, friendly, but not too crazy.

I came up with the date idea to zip line down Fremont Street before heading to dinner at my favorite restaurant Carluccio's for a good Italian meal. It's the first restaurant I ate at when I came to Vegas. I'm not going to lie, I was a bit terrified to zip line. But I wanted to do something edgy and exciting, and something I just knew neither one of us would have done before. I mean really, not everyone has zip lined down Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas before.

The date started out great -– dinner was fantastic, but Paul sure enjoyed his wine. Patti says Paul broke a major rule by drinking too much. I think he just wanted to have a good time. Overall, the date was fun, but I think Paul has a few things he needs to work through before he’s ready for the dating world. I would definitely have recommended that he take Patti's advice on the show -- trust me, it will make for a much better dating experience and a much more successful relationship. There's a reason she's the "matchmaker."