The Millionaires

Millionaire Eric Allen shares what he learned from working with Patti and the homework he did that you didn't see on the show.

Oct 3, 2011

The first all-gay episode of The Millionaire Matchmaker! What an honor to be chosen. Thanks Patti! I had a blast!

The experience delivered some interesting and unexpected dividends -- an enhanced level of communication with my family and friends!

As Patti mentioned, I'm a person who enjoys doing some self-exploration to be the best I can be. One program that I've gotten life-changing and lasting value from has been my participation in the Landmark Forum. Patti has also done the Forum and like me, said she benefited from it. For me, the Landmark Forum rocketed me into life and I quickly developed an exciting career that has given me life experiences beyond my dreams. (Need an example of that? Check out my interview with Elizabeth Taylor at An unexpected dividend at the time (1990) was I realized that handling "The Sexuality Discussion" with my parents and family would free me up to be myself in all aspects of life. I highly recommend checking it out ( I also work with a Conscious Living Coach, Christina Hempstead ( whose weekly phone calls help keep me moving forward towards the life goals and priorities we've hashed out together.

Obviously, I'm comfortable with my sexuality at this point! As I was embarking on The Millionaire Matchmaker adventure, I chose to take it very seriously -– to see what real insights I could get from Patti about her observations and coaching about my romantic life. I promised myself to be honest and as authentic as one can be with cameras rolling in your face.