The Millionaires

Jason Bross shares how serendipity led him to 'Matchmaker' and to the girl of his dreams.

Nov 10, 20110

For the last six years, I have been focused on growing my business, Lifestyle Foods, and I suppose I could be guilty of putting my work ahead of my personal life. Looking for additional opportunities to expand both my personal and professional networks I joined an organization called EO (short for Entrepreneur's Organization). Through EO, I developed many new friendships which is how I was referred to The Millionaire Matchmaker and recommened to meet with them in Vegas. The catch? The meeting needed to be that weekend.

I took a break from thinking about the challenge at hand, and figured I might as well take a look at some possible flights to Vegas. The prices were inflated, since I was trying to book at the last minute. Ironically, I had an airline credit for the exact amount of the cost of the flight that was close to expiring. It occurred to me that taking a couple of days for myself might give me a fresh perspective on how to tackle the issue that had been frustrating me, so I decided to fly out to Vegas.

The trip went great. Upon returning, I told a few close friends about the prospect of working with Patti, but considered it a long shot. I chalked it up as a great story, dove back into my work, and forgot all about it.

Around that time, I had the breakthrough I was looking for. Despite a successful business and loyal customers, we were not reaching the markets to our fullest potential. Thats when it hit me. We would launch an online store and develop an innovative way to ship highly perishable goods to consumer's front doors. It might seem like a simple solution, but the logistics of not compromising the quality of our products in order to create a higher level of convenience for our customers was not a small task.