The Millionaires

Daniel gives us his comical take on Patti and netting a "Gossip Girl."

Aug 30, 2011

In order to become a more assertive male specimen, Patti strongly urged that I read Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew. Although supremely trusting of Patti's presumed decades (and decades) of experience, dredging up the advice of an Elizabethan-era psychological torture manual seemed kind of dodgy, so I took the easy route on her instructions just this once, and purchased a copy to carry with me to our mixer, quickly skimming an online synopsis before I left the hotel. When prompted for details, I bluffed ever so slightly, and focused on a single element of the story I had memorized—Prospero's altercation with Carlotta on the Moors. Once I dropped the reference to Prospero's wager with Mercutius, and she silently nodded, I knew I'd squeaked by, and silently promised myself I would read the remainder of the book (play) when I got back home (hotel room).

Later, on our date to the art gallery, one of the camera men backed into a statue, breaking it! It was the longest, purest silence I can remember being immersed in, and I'm from the Midwest. Note to editor: Did this part make it into the show? I remember that the statue was not as expensive as we thought it would be.

But what I'll remember most about my trip to Los Angeles, was stopping at Golden Apple Comics on Melrose and picking up the latest hardcover collection of Jonathan Hickman's Secret Warriors and the Cyclops One-Shot. As far as I'm concerned, Dean Haspiel can draw superheroes anytime he wants to.

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