The Millionaires

Steve embraces his experience on the show, but finds fault with Sally's belief that the past is a predictor of the future.

Sep 23, 2011

For the date, I ended up choosing Sally. She is awesome, but we did not work out. Surfing was a new experience for both of us. In surfing and during the dinner date that followed, I totally wiped out! But I liked experiencing something new. When I say something new, I not only mean surfing, I also mean the experience of dating someone who I consider to be my equal. Beyond being my equal, Sally was actually better than me at surfing. From my date with Sally, I learned that I could date women who are on my level and I could actually be the "weak" one in this situation.

My dinner date with Sally seemed to start out fine. I met her in front of the restaurant. She looked wonderful in her dress and she was smiling. We sat down at the table and began eating and talking. I soon realized that she had a few things on her mind. Well, actually, she only had one thing on her mind. One of the reasons Sally and I did not work out is because of her feelings about my past. She feared that I could potentially abandon her daughter if things got serious. I didn't think this was fair. I also didn't appreciate her using the "Dr. Phil-ism" that "the past is the best predictor of the future." In this case, we’re talking about something that happened 16 years ago. I have changed and grown a lot in that time and I didn’t feel that it was fair for Sally to say that my current mindset is the same as my old mindset. Her negative words go completely against everything I stand for, which is that people can and do change. After all, that's what self-help is all about, the concept of leaving your former thought patterns, and embracing new positive and powerful life choices.