The Millionaires

Mitch explains why he decided to try The Millionaire Matchmaker and why it was worth the gamble.

Oct 7, 2011

So why'd I do it? That is the question that most of my friends and family have been asking, since it's totally out of character for me to expose my private life so publicly, and on a reality show. I certainly didn't expect to find love on The Millionaire Matchmaker, and I have never been interested in drawing attention to myself. So why?

My decision to go on the show boiled down to one word: risk. Life to me is about taking honest, ambitious, and ethical risks. My risks don't always end up as I expect or hope, but at the end of the day, I am always able to look into the mirror, and at my kids, and be proud that I went for it! To me, allowing yourself to fall in love is the biggest risk of all because it more often than not, ends in heartbreak.

But that risk is always worth taking. . .And so was the risk of looking like a doormat, or a dumbass, or a douchebag on Millionaire Matchmaker.

I'm glad I did it, and we'll see what this risk bears. If the end result is simply the fun I had during the show and during my viewing party, I'm perfectly satisfied. I met some really good people from the experience. Tova was a very pleasant surprise, and we sincerely did have a fun time together on this date on the show and on our ensuing dates, too. Ayinde's a great guy too.