The Millionaires

David explains his wants from a woman, and shares an anecdote for Patti.

Aug 19, 2011

Love and matters of the heart are subjective. . . what works for one, may not work for another. Why do we have to "fix" anyone? Whatever works! If it works -- go with it! This life is too short. Just be yourself.

Lastly, an anecdote which I dedicate to Patti: A very handsome man is dining alone in a restaurant while on a business trip. He sees a beautiful woman across the room, also sitting alone. He sends her a bottle of red wine with a note, it reads, "May I join you for a glass?" She accepts the wine and then writes her own note, which the waiter takes back to the handsome gentleman. It reads, "To get with me, you have to have a BMW, a beach house in California and 7 inches in your pants. . ." The man is shocked and writes back his note which he sends to the lady. It reads, "Well I guess I could trade-in my McLaren, Bugatti, and Lamborghinis and buy a BMW. And I could sell my four mansions, and collection of condos, to buy a beach house in California. But even for a woman as beautiful as you, I would not cut off 2 inches. Please send the wine back."

Good luck to everyone in their search! If you feel we would be a good match add me as a friend on Facebook.

David Mezheritsky