Destin Pfaff

Ep 2: Destin is so disgusted with a client that he dubs the Millionaire "Dr. Centipede."

on Jan 17, 2013

The mixer goes well. Steve’s a hit and my new favorite client. Dr. Alex pulls himself out of a non-complimenting spiral and the guys pick their dates.

Dr. Alex’s master date, Valerie, is SO SWEET and totally buys into his game… until, that is, he takes her back to his place and has a giant-boobed creature from another planet serve them ass-cake (possibly complete with pieces of real ass!). The Boobzilla, not only made a CHOCOLATE butt desert, but decided it would be fun to feed it to Dr. Alex lovingly by hand IN FRONT OF HIS DATE. Not even the doctor from The Human Centipede (you know, where he captures people, experiments on them, and then sews their mouths to another’s hind quarters) has that little class.

Anywho, Dr. Alex’s date comes crying back to me. I settle her down and bring her to Patti so we can all chat and call the good doctor out on his doo-doo. He doesn’t get it, storms out to the parking lot, and probably back into the arms of his latest creation (my guess: the three-breasted girl from Total Recall). Patti, Rachel, and I take care of the young lass and set her up with a nice boy that doesn’t play with knives.

As for Rachel’s client, Steve… I’m still waiting on that music contract.