Patti Stanger

Patti spills on Episode 1's millionaires and their fabulous dates (even if one got a bit sea-sick).

on Jan 10, 2013

So I go to meet Brian at Killer Shrimp, my favorite restaurant in Marina Del Rey, and who does Bryan bring but Mummy? All he cares about is what his mother thinks. He’s in his 40s; this is so creepy. So I start to listen and play along, and then I find out Mummy wants someone that “nurtures” him? How about he “nurtures” the girl, for once?

Then I meet Daniel at the Viceroy. Well, great guy, sweet disposition, he’s just been hurt so badly. But I realize I need an expert. So I call in Christopher Renstrom who is my expert on; he’s the astrologer there, to do a reading and to teach him at the mixer what girls to pick and what girls to stay away from based on astrology.