Patti on Man Children and Wounded Wallies

Patti spills on Episode 1's millionaires and their fabulous dates (even if one got a bit sea-sick).

Read full transcript after the jump.So I’m watching the video, and I’m seeing Brian, who is a man child, a British man child, and he’s got a perfect little Mummy, and all he cares about is what she thinks. He’s obsessed about everything about him—he’s Arthur. That’s all he is. He’s 100% Peter Pan meets Arthur, they had a baby, it’s Brian.

Then I go meet Daniel Negreanu, who is a world-class poker player. He’s the sweetest guy; there’s just one problem: he’s kind of what we call a wounded Wally. Girls have broken his heart in the past, he doesn’t trust very well, so he really needs my help.

So I go to meet Brian at Killer Shrimp, my favorite restaurant in Marina Del Rey, and who does Bryan bring but Mummy? All he cares about is what his mother thinks. He’s in his 40s; this is so creepy. So I start to listen and play along, and then I find out Mummy wants someone that “nurtures” him? How about he “nurtures” the girl, for once?

Then I meet Daniel at the Viceroy. Well, great guy, sweet disposition, he’s just been hurt so badly. But I realize I need an expert. So I call in Christopher Renstrom who is my expert on; he’s the astrologer there, to do a reading and to teach him at the mixer what girls to pick and what girls to stay away from based on astrology.

So I’m out recruiting, and I need an Anna Faris-type, who’s got great personality, down-to-earth; really can play in Daniel’s league. Then for Brian, I’m looking for a Jessica Alba type. So I’m at Avalon, where we had the mixer, and Daniel’s starting to talk too much, he’s upstaging the girls, so we took him to the side. Dustin gave him a little 411, and he realized that he was just nervous. We put him back in, and then, low and behold, he picked Lindsay, who is the perfect Anna Faris type.

All of the sudden, Brian turns out to be a gentleman. He had a great time at the mixer, he got his teeth whitened, he’s doing fabulous, and he picked Jady. Perfect girl for him. Daniel chose a fabulous date. He took Lindsay to his hometown of Vegas. They went to Cirque del Soleil, behind the scenes, which is great, and then he took her to a wonderful restaurant. I have a feeling that these guys are really going to hit it off.

So Brian’s taking Katie to his boat, Morningwood, to Catalina. But there’s just one problem: the engine fails then Jady gets sick. BUT he was really a gentleman, he took care of her; he even brought her a little light meal to help keep her food down, and I thought this date would go south. But it turns out, both people like each other so it’s great because Bryan took out his nurturing side to help Jady recover.

Turns out Brian really is a softie inside.

This is all good: both people this week, Bryan and Daniel, did fabulous in my Club. They both get A’s.

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Making a Match: Finding Romeo's Juliet

Patti talks working with rap royalty Romeo Miller, aka Lil' Romeo, and helping him master the love game. 

Season 8 of The Millionaire Matchmaker is one of the most dramatic ever. This time around, Patti Stanger is helping plenty of unlikely clients find love, from Perez Hilton and Larry Birkhead to Bravo's own Real Atlanta Housewife Sheree Whitfield!

Each week, we're asking Patti to weigh in on every episode in her exclusive blog. She'll tackle everything from the good (Lil' Romeo's all grown up!), the bad (a shirtless first date?!) and the hilarious (Patti talks using tongue!). 

This week, she talks about finding love for Master P's son and rapper Romeo Miller, teaching us all about first dating kiss etiquette and more. Check out the latest episode vlog below and watch past episodes here.

Okay this week I had a really fun client, 25 year old Romeo Miller. He comes from rap royalty, he’s the son of Mater P. and he was famous as a little kid, you probably remember him as Lil’ Romeo. Well, Lil’ Romi is grown up and is looking for love.

Romeo has got a posse of friends and they all go out together at the clubs and they hid on all these women and I think if I can break him of the friend’s habit then I may be able to help him find a partner. He’s young and he’s got a lot of bad habits.

Lil’ Romi is grown up and is looking for love.

The next thing we do is a figure out a mixer.I sit on one side of him and Shaun sits on the other, and we help him go through various different women. He ends up with two really great women to go out with.

He’s got this nice, intelligent, beautiful woman and he takes her to body painting. Right -- it’s like he just wants to see her in a bikini. She’s a nice girl and she’s into him but he won’t kiss her, and she kisses him. Eh, not a good date.

I meet with Romeo and tell him he’s got to court a girl, woo a girl, not just put himself in a situation where they come to him.

He goes on a second date and this time I think he does a lot better. He takes Mica for a romantic dinner, they have some conversation, and he’s being a gentleman, courting her, doing the right thing.

He comes in to talk to me the next day and he’s learned a lot. He didn’t end up hitting it off with Mica, but I think he finally knows what he wants.

He remembers Taliah the girl that got away, the perfect girl from the mixer. So we call Taliah and she comes down to the office, I see the love connection and I immediately say it’s okay for them to go on a date but I want him to kiss her right away. It’s the perfect date for him.


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