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Adam Gaynor Wins, Allison Baver Skates By

Rachel spills on Allison's competitive streak and ex-Matchbox 20 guitarist Adam Gaynor letting down his guard.


Wouldn’t it be just nifty if we had an Olympic speed skater and a rock star to fix up? Yes, yes it sure as hell would. Allison and Adam were skating and rocking alone in this world. I, of course, brought in Allison Baver, who once was with Apolo Ohno and is now looking for love once more.

Well, I thought it would be a piece of cake finding her a great guy who was athletic, but not so much -- it ended up being a competition over who can out squat whom. At the mixer when Allison chose Mario and Miles, I was hoping she was going to go for the gold with hunky Mario. Sigh, she took our advice to the extreme and chose drippy-metro Miles. Apparently Allison needed to be run over by the Zamboni.

Let’s go over their date shall we? Nothing says romance like a picnic on the beach and kite flying with a romantic dinner over the water. In most cases this works out perfectly, but when you cross these two, not so much. I think I died a little watching them with Miles leaping and tripping about in the sand and his kite dragging along. 
I have to switch gears and talk about Adam and Shekinah for a moment. Well done, Adam: a great date of making art for her daughter and the super-romantic dinner. So sweet and classy (not rock-star tacky) -- I wish them the best! For the record, comedians are super sexy and get lots of girls. As for Allison, looks like your couples-only skate is going to have to wait a bit longer.