Rachel Federoff

Ep 3: Rachel explains how she and Destin have updated their look... but knows that looks aren't everything.

on Jan 24, 2013

It came down to Mindy and Nasia: one blonde who can have a boob-off with Jimmy, the other a broken-English speaking hot brunette with a name that requires an antacid.  He should have listened and picked the sweet Sonya. Ah well, such is life.

The date with Nasia, was, well, nauseous.  Where does it say skydiving is great for a first date?!  We girls get all dolled up for you gents and get to jump into a wind tunnel? I don’t’ think so!  The dinner was nice and romantic, however, at the fabulous Beso, but no rippling biceps in the world could make those two connect.

Auf Wiedersehen Fräulein Nasia! Hope you find love amongst your shoe collection and cutlery sword fighting.  Jimmy, I guess you’ll just have to stick to watching cactus grow, lining up your pantry, and your abs.