Rachel Federoff

Rachel's ecstatic that Patti Stanger opened up to red-heads and agreed to throw a Gingers-Only Mixer.

on Mar 28, 2013

How about that all red fun mixer? The Avalon was so full of glam that it was the perfect sexy spot for some sultry red beauties. I loved that Damian chose Amy, as those two (from the moment he walked in) were instantly locked. The date… well he pulled out all the stops by having her flown to Aspen. The gondola was such a great idea (minus the near-death by lightning storm) and the artsy dinner to top it all off.  Well-done, Damian!  You have this red-head’s approval.

Even Destin’s client and the other Amy were wonderful.  Lobster food truck and chocolate?!  Come on, how awesome was that?  OK, so look here, Patti (Miss-I-Hate-Red-Heads advocate), zip it, and take note that the gingers rock and this proves it, so there!  Viva La Ginger!