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Two Millionaires That Shouldn't Be Single

On paper Patti's clients are a "girl's wet dream," but this frat brat and shy dentist need our Matchmaker’s help.

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What a week! My first client is David Epstein. He’s a successful, Jewish oral surgeon who lives in San Francisco and loves running and skiing. Why on earth is this guy single? On paper he’s every girl’s wet dream, but in person he’s numb with fear.  And he’s got sort of a mama’s boy thing going on. Maybe he’s been sampling the Novocain. I dunno. I need to get David to find his balls and man up or the dentist isn’t going to have any appointments on the weekends.

My other client is John Bonavia. He’s a very smooth good-looking finance guy who lives in the Hollywood Hills -- another guy who shouldn’t have been single. John’s problem is he’s more interested in partying with his frat boy friends than finding true love. Listen up guys, unless you want to date 22-year-olds forever, no girl worth her salt is going to put up with your acting like a frat boy. If I’m going to find the perfect match for John, I need to transform this frat boy into a family man.

John ends up picking Katrina, who I think is great for John because she’s entrepreneurial like him. For the date, they play tennis at a club. And I’m not a fan of sports activities on the first date, but she seems to have a really good time so I’m okay with that. Afterwards they have lunch and John gets under the hood of the car to know Katrina better. That’s something you won’t see a frat boy doing at a kegger. They both had a great time and are going to see each other again. Looks like this frat boy had graduated to family man.

David selects Leslie who’s perfect because she’s exactly what he’s looking for: smart, ambitious, Jewish. For their date, they play a round of golf which I normally wouldn’t approve of, but golf is David’s comfort zone. And after golf David arranged for a romantic dinner right on the green. How cute is that? Dave wasn’t numb with fear and Leslie must have sensed his confidence because they’re planning on a second date together. Guess the Novocain is finally wearing off!

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