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Africa: I'm So Disappointed in Myself

Africa can't believe that Alex followed her into the bathroom, and that her bad actions forced her to stoop to her level.

I could write about all the other things that happened in this episode but really for me there is only one thing to talk about: the bathroom fight.

I always like to have a "funny" or something cute to say, but I don't have any.

I've never felt as violated or unprotected as I did in that moment. To be followed into the bathroom by someone who's intent I will always believe was to attack me, is both alarming and disgusting to watch.

I've never been in a physical altercation in my life, but in that moment where my back was literally against the wall I had to defend myself. In that moment I couldn't believe it was happening and that she actually struck me.

Even with that being said, I'm still so disappointed in myself that I stooped down to the level of someone that is clearly so negative, violent, and destructive. What happened in that bathroom had nothing to do with Vawn and everything to do with someone that is starved for any kind of attention. It is very sad what someone will do for "fame" and notoriety.

I am glad to have all of you with me every week to share in my highs and lows. . .while this is definitely not my proudest moment, I can say it will absolutely not be a repeat performance in the story of my life. You will not see me in scenes with Alex or anyone else like this. Ever. Again.

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