Emily Can Dish It, But Can She Take It

Africa doesn't know why Emily and Tribble thought they could say whatever they chose at Vawn's event.

Hey guys!

I'm on the road for a show this weekend in Charlotte, NC, and I'm trying to get my thoughts together before sound check; so if this blog is a little shorter than usual I apologize! I can't believe this is the next to last episode. . .I feel like we're just getting started.

I was still "in my feelings" about what happened in the club with Vawn and knew that I had to fill Emily in on what happened after she left. I appreciate that she listened and didn't try to rub my nose in it.

The day after I was still upset, but also angry and trying to make sense of my feelings. Was it just my pride and ego being bruised or did I really have more feelings for Vawn than I'd like to admit? If I'm being honest it was both. After being hurt in the past, let down, etc, I don't like to put all my cards on the table about how I feel. It is easy for me to be vulnerable when I'm acting and on stage performing, but when I have to do it in a romantic setting it totally freaks me out.

My plan (not that I really had one LOL) was not to let the whole club debacle affect my rehearsal with Megan and Monica, but when Vawn walked in the door I admit I was seething. I try to avoid arguments and in my past relationships it's led to me just holding alot of things in and not standing up for myself.

The "conversation" definitely got off to a rocky start. As it kept going I don't know if I was crying over what happened with Vawn or just the emotional exhaustion of it all. I think it was both of those things mixed with hurt from past relationships. I won't try to speak for all women but I will say that when you're hurt or upset you want that to be acknowledged. My feelings were really hurt and it meant alot to me that Vawn apologized. It hasn't been the easiest thing to watch my life play out in such a public way, but I do appreciate everyone's support, encouragement, and even the criticism. I am definitely taking it all in.

The Town Hall Meeting of! Where do I begin?

(Girl moment first: I love Olivia Pope but I was still not super happy about my haircut and my Scandal curls lol. We'd been filming for a few months at that point and my hair had taken a huge beating so I had to get a lot cut. hankfully I am almost back to normal. You can see hair pics and style info on my Instagram: @africamiranda)

In a nutshell what could've been a very nice event ended in chaos. I get that Emily has to ALWAYS speak her mind. . .but if you're going to dish it you have to be able to take it.

I'm not here to be Vawn's press agent, his views are his views and it is what it is. For Tribble to get up, walk to the front of the room, and then take a microphone from the dais and start speaking was totally inappropriate. There were people there that night from all walks of life, race, gender and everyone had differing viewpoints but no one else felt the need to take it to the level he did and disrupt the event.

As it was happening the hairs on the back of my neck stood up because I knew this wasn't going to end well. The smartest thing for Tribble to do at that point was the get out as fast as possible. I don't know if he thought it was going to be funny or that Vawn was going to let it go. . .um no. Then the security guard telling his skewed version of what happened to the police just pissed me off. I was annoyed, upset, and still on edge because of the chaotic energy that was in the room. . .and I didn't know where in the world Vawn was and if he was OK. What a night!

Off to soundcheck!



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The Fighter is Not Who Tribble Is

Tribble on why he apologized to Vawn, what he won't apologize for, and why he shouldn't get thrown under the bus.

So this show starts off with the "fall out" from the episode before. Emily came over to my house and brought me doughnuts (thanks for the temptation). Vawn is talking about "being grown men and not letting it spill in the streets," but he was the one that came after me. I never put my hands on him until after he touched my face. I was happy to get out of there, trust me. I wasn't going to wait around when it was about me versus the world in that room.

And I don't remember ever actually touching him. He ripped the mic violently from me when I was trying to finish what I was saying. Did I go too far? Maybe. But I felt what I had to say needed to be said, and just because it didn't coincide with Vawn and his panel's views, doesn't mean that he can come rip the mic from me. That, combined with him touching my nose, was what really set me off. I know for a fact that I didn't put my hands on him until after he touched me. Twitter comments reflect this.

I’m glad that Emily is saying I almost got my ass beat. Thanks a lot Emily for believing in your boy! I stood my ground until about 10 of his boys came after me. Plus, I wasn’t dealing with a rational person at that point.

All that being said, I am over this whole situation. I have apologized to Vawn about HOW I approached the situation and getting heated in the moment, but I am not going to apologize for WHAT I said. That is my viewpoint and I am completely entitled to stand up for what I believe in. When I apologized to Vawn, it came from the heart. That dude -- the fighter, the aggressor -- that’s not me. I acted out of character and I am sorry about that.

This is the second show in a row that Africa has completely thrown me under the bus. I realize that you are being loyal to your man, but baby girl, you don’t know me. Saying I came incorrect and not to play, as well as saying I was completely in the wrong about what went down at the forum is a little ignorant. I realize that I am not your man, but at some point I feel like she needs to take a step back from the situation as a whole and look at the writing on the wall. I just think she is caught up right now, and I hope she doesn't mean some of the things she is saying. Same goes with Alex. Just because both of these girls are going after Vawn, doesn’t mean they have to say I am in the wrong. Did anyone see Vawn’s actions that night? No one wants to call him out on ANYTHING that he is doing and when I decide to stand up, I get crucified.

I am glad that my girl is mending her relationships in her life. With Emily 2, I love those two together, and being that they are both feisty as shit, things are gonna come up, but it’s no reason for them to stay mad at each other. With Justin, I am glad that there is some closure. It is sad because I have been through so much with those two, but at this point, I feel like some total time away from each other is best for both of them.

Africa’s show, however, was awesome. Her Lipstick Junkies have come a long way, and I can’t wait to see where they go from here!

Thanks for watching this season of The New Atlanta. Stay tuned for what happens from here, and as always, feel free to check me out on Instagram (@tribblereese) and Twitter (@tribblereese). I’m always on those and will be able to get back to you faster.

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