Africa Miranda

Africa reminds Tribble that life is what happens while you're busy texting, and shakes her head at Africa's non-apology.

on Oct 1, 2013

I will sum up this whole alcohol-fueled performance with two words: "Girl bye!" I wasn't here for it and neither was Monica or Megan. We had a great night and wanted to end it on a high note. What exactly was she faux apologizing for? Causing a scene at my birthday party? Making the snide remarks inside? Someone clear that up for me. . .I'll wait. SMH. . .

The only surprisingly good thing to come out of this after party was Vawn and I's moment in the parking lot. I don't know the exact moment that something changed between us, but it did. When he asked me out, I felt like I had to throw caution to the wind and say yes!

Tribble and Justin. . .LOL! Ladies we all want to be a fly on the wall when a guy is talking about us. This was definitely an eye opener.