Africa Miranda

Africa reminds Tribble that life is what happens while you're busy texting, and shakes her head at Africa's non-apology.

on Oct 1, 2013

Ricco and Angela are my glam squad; they know me very well and I respect their opinion. As Angela said, "text is the new call, " but I still would like more effort, at least in the beginning. To all the men in the world: if you are really interested, pick up the phone! I don't mind texting at all, but not the first time I hear from you. I wish Tribble had been more forward. Even though Vawn and I have been working together he formally asked me out, and it made all the difference for me.
So guys, be a lion!

OK this dinner. . .wow. Totally blew me away. Vawn paid attention to things I've said in casual conversation and put together an amazing night for me. I had a very specific opinion of him and this dinner was the beginning of me seeing that maybe I was wrong. The whole dinner was very sweet and endearing and I saw a more vulnerable side of Vawn. Is it bad to kiss your friend!?! So here's to mixing business and pleasure and not having it be an epic fail!