Africa Miranda

Africa shares how felt to see Vawn leave the club with another girl and what it means for their "friendship."

on Oct 22, 2013

And we're back!

The next morning I was still so upset about drama at the fashion show and needed to vent so I called Vawn. He's always a good sounding board for me and I can definitely count on him to get me out of my funk. I still feel that everything that happened in that bathroom was unnecessary and there is no coming back from that for me.
(Sidebar: yes I'm a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. . .my fave coffee mug.)

I was glad to see that Sincerely stood up for me and was most of all -- fair. I've never asked her to take sides in any of this drama from the very beginning and I appreciate that she called a spade a spade. I'm proud of all of the steps I've taken in my career and excited for everything that is to come. If "failure" means being on billboards, in magazines, and film/tv then sure I'll be a failure all day lol. And she is right, I will never be the next Beyonce -- I'm too busy being Africa Miranda. I also never said anything negative about Mrs. Dilworth and the fact that my fellow New Atlantian (no i'm not saying her name anymore) would even suggest that her mother would also be violent is very, very sad. Moving on. . .