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Alex: This Wasn't a Fight

Alex doesn't consider what went down in the bathroom a fight, but if Africa keeps disrespecting her she will show her one.

Hello loves, well that was an eventful episode.

Before I begin to comment, I feel that we need to have a little recap. If we look back at the last episode, it is clear that Vawn pursues me. He tells me to let him know when I'm tired of behaving. Plain and simple. I've known Vawn for years. We've flirted. . .we've have chemistry. . .I'll admit that, but that's all it's ever been. Being the flirt that I am, I decided he was right. I needed to stop behaving, and go after what I want. Maybe the timing was a little coincidental, but hey Africa was being a bitch so I could care less about their so called "dating."

When Vawn invited me over, it was suppose to be innocent. . .ya know, old friends chatting it up, but with our very flirtatious nature, the night escalated to a level that neither of us expected. And I think that the night revealed a lot: Vawn and I are the same person. Life is a thrilling game for us. That is why we would work and him and Africa wouldn't. Africa doesn't know how to play games. She revealed her feelings very early on, but then retracted them when she realized that him and I might have something going on. See that's her problem right there. She doesn't know how to play the game.

When Africa allowed her little minions to approach me at Tribble's party and tell me to stop flirting with her man, she in that moment, revealed her true feelings for Vawn. Africa, you like Vawn. You like him a lot. Either you really like him or you are very intimidated by me. Either or. That's why you are a straight rude ass bitch to me and that's why you let your friends say something to me.

Once a player already knows your next move, you have already lost. Just give up Africa.You don't know how to handle Vawn and you certainly don't know how to play his game. I do. That's why after four years, he is still in my life telling me not to behave while he is using you up and is going to blow through you like tissue. There is only one thing I feel bad about for you and that is your failing career. How can you expect to make it in the industry if you are catching feelings for the person who is suppose to be helping you?

I want to tak a moment of silence to remember Africa singing career -- R.I.P. Africa's career. Alright, I digress. . .

First of all, that wasn't a fight, and secondly it was by no means over Vawn. Africa continuously disrespected me and there was no way she was going to just gracefully walk out of that bathroom. You put a real ass bitch in a real ass situation, and you are going to get some real ass results. In that moment, I said f--- Vawn, I'm going to remind this bitch who she is speaking to. I'm a real ass chick from the A, and I'm not going to let ANYONE get away with what she said in the bathroom. That's why her ass ended up in a headlock screaming to get me off of her. That wasn't a fight at all, but if she continues that disrespectful diva attitude, I will show her a real one.

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