Emily Lipman

Emily doesn't see a future in Alex's "rave wear," but wonders if there's a future for her and Justin or Africa and Vawn.

on Oct 1, 2013

Raw Denim Boutique is back in business! We have a window! Gah! That was the worst time ever for me and my shop. So very depressing and I am so glad we have moved on to a bigger and better shop in Midtown! It makes me so happy not looking at tire tracks everyday!

Hey Tribble. . .how's that champagne up your nose? Haha that cracks me up!

Yup and there is it!!! "WWII is about to hit!" I am really not sure why I would say this, but I did and made shirts. Boom! Gotta make the best out of it right?? #blondemoment

And the daytime Emmy goes to. . .my father!!!! I love it! He was so nice to Justin, it made me really happy. 60 watt light bulbs. . .Justin cracks me up! And now you know why I love the boy!

Vawn and Africa. . .WHAT!?! He is sooooo slick I think I would have said yes to a date with him too! Shizzy. . .he's good! It looked like they had a good time and she seems happy but I still think something is up with that boy!