Alex Is a Joke, and so Is Her Business

Emily doesn't see a future in Alex's "rave wear," but wonders if there's a future for her and Justin or Africa and Vawn.

Welcome back to my blog! Well there was Episode 3! 

I am so glad Africa is seeing the way I see Alex. . .as a joke! #GirlBye!

Well, I told ya Justin loved me! Haha! Ira Finklestein -- that will NEVER happen. Tribble and Justin chatting at the bar cracked me up! I love those two boys! My relationship with Justin is a very back-and-forth kind of thing. When you date someone for so long, you are comfortable so I get confused by that feeling and my true feelings. I dont know. It's just confusing!

Alex and her rave gear!?! OMG. I think I just threw up in my mouth! She and her lil' friend look like a joke! You mean wearing your bra and underwear out to a club??? Really!?! Oh and so now she wants to work and not be a trophy wife?!? She has no idea and doesn't have what it talkes to own a business. Girl you're confused! Good luck! Blah!

Raw Denim Boutique is back in business! We have a window! Gah! That was the worst time ever for me and my shop. So very depressing and I am so glad we have moved on to a bigger and better shop in Midtown! It makes me so happy not looking at tire tracks everyday!

Hey Tribble. . .how's that champagne up your nose? Haha that cracks me up!

Yup and there is it!!! "WWII is about to hit!" I am really not sure why I would say this, but I did and made shirts. Boom! Gotta make the best out of it right?? #blondemoment

And the daytime Emmy goes to. . .my father!!!! I love it! He was so nice to Justin, it made me really happy. 60 watt light bulbs. . .Justin cracks me up! And now you know why I love the boy!

Vawn and Africa. . .WHAT!?! He is sooooo slick I think I would have said yes to a date with him too! Shizzy. . .he's good! It looked like they had a good time and she seems happy but I still think something is up with that boy!

Then at my Grand Re-Opening Party in walks Africa with Sunglass Vawn! WHAT!?! Why would she ask me to hook her up with my friend when she wasn't interested?!? He is a Ken Doll. They would look so cute together. But, oh well, I guess she's going with Vawn. I just hope she is careful. And did Africa really just say I hope you enjoy the view!?! OMG my poor Tribble!!!

Me drunk at 5 P. . .goodness!!! When I'm drinking and someone pushes me out of nowhere and talks s--- about me -- I will lose it on you! It was a crazy night in Buckhead and people were just in rare form. I was just ready to go home.

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Chat soon!

XO! em

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God Bless, Vawn Should Move On

Emily's glad Vawn accepted Tribble's apology but wishes he could really let it go. Meanwhile she's moved on from Justin.

Well, it's been a wild ride but a very fun one! Thanks so much for tuning in each week, I hope you enjoyed the season!

I, of course, had to check on my boy Herbert! It was interesting to see Vawn and Africa's conversation and then mine and Tribble's conversation about what happened at the seminar. For the record I do not want to date Vawn but I just don't like men treating women like s---. End of story!

Once again Alex and her rave gear -- a joke. No, I will not put your "gear" in my shop that you bought somewhere else. Not how that works.

I am SO glad Emily and I made up she is my best friend. I had to step up and say something, we don't fight like that. She and I are still best friends, but she does not work at the shop anymore. It was very clear to us that we cannot jeopardize our friendship for a job.

Tribble's apology to Vawn was very sincere. Even though Vawn said he accepted it and move on -- God bless, he has not put it behind him. Vawn was out-of-line as well and he didn't say sorry for his actions. Wish it didn't get to that point, but it did.

I was just at home doing work when I hear a knock at the door, it was Justin! I was shocked! I know I hurt him and he hurt me but we had to stay away from each other for a while. We had a rocky end but he needed to know the truth, I'm not in love. We have both moved on and we are cordial when we see each other out.

I love the Lipstick Junkies! Their show was so cute and so much fun! I am so proud of Africa, they did a fabulous job!

But um, did Alex seriously show up to Africa's show?!? She has got some balls to show up like that. I don't know why Vawn left Africa's show but I am so proud of him for not going with Alex! They seem happy together so I wish them the best.

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