Emily Lipman

Emily doesn't see a future in Alex's "rave wear," but wonders if there's a future for her and Justin or Africa and Vawn.

on Oct 1, 2013

Then at my Grand Re-Opening Party in walks Africa with Sunglass Vawn! WHAT!?! Why would she ask me to hook her up with my friend when she wasn't interested?!? He is a Ken Doll. They would look so cute together. But, oh well, I guess she's going with Vawn. I just hope she is careful. And did Africa really just say I hope you enjoy the view!?! OMG my poor Tribble!!!

Me drunk at 5 P. . .goodness!!! When I'm drinking and someone pushes me out of nowhere and talks s--- about me -- I will lose it on you! It was a crazy night in Buckhead and people were just in rare form. I was just ready to go home.

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