Emily Lipman

Emily explains why she was angry with Emily 2 and what she thinks of 

on Oct 22, 2013

Thanks for tuning in this week, I hope you are enjoying the show!

I hated seeing how upset Africa was about the whole fight with Alex. However, I sure am glad Sincerely said what she did to Alex. Africa works her butt off for what she does and that is exactly why we clicked from the very beginning.

Shooting guns! I’m a gun shooter -- what! HaHa! Lynn and I had SO much fun!!! I am still learning to shoot and feel comfortable with a gun. I cannot wait to get one. This is just what I needed to blow off some steam after the show, since I was a little upset with Emily.

Vawn and his son, once again, they are adorable! I love seeing him interact with his son! As much as we do not see eye-to-eye on relationships, I really enjoyed watching them.