Remember This is for a Good Cause

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God Bless, Vawn Should Move On

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Remember This is for a Good Cause

Emily is as shocked as you are by the behavior at the fashion show, and takes a minute to defend her fashion sense.

I LOVE this episode. Thanks for watching the show. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am!

Well, we gotta start somewhere and I was a little shocked to see that Vawn had Alex over for dinner. To me, it didn’t look like he was cooking dinner and she just came over as friends. . .he obviously invited her over. I don’t know what’s going with them but I guess Vawn is being honest.

When it comes to Vawn and Africa, I am glad Africa asked him about where they are in their relationship. She has feelings for a man who I feel can’t be committed 100 percent. It seems like he loves bachelor life right now. However, I truly feel like the whole "honesty" thing is getting old for me. You should be honest no matter what, in a relationship or not in a relationship. SO confused!


Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is clearly very close to my heart, and all I wanted is for this show to be amazing and to raise money. As I mentioned on the show, my sister Wendy, passed from CF and my brother, Andy, has CF and is the strongest person I know. He is now 40, which is incredible! He has as two kids and a supporting family, has published three books, has been running the Peachtree for 18 years in a row and continues to do so! He even completed a half marathon!!! He had the honor to run with the Olympic Torch in Athens, GA (Yes CF is a lung disease. . .who would have known with him doing all this running!) And he's done so much more! It's pretty incredible. He is a true inspiration to all and a hero to his little sister. I look up to him everyday of my life. He is seriously my inspiration.

On to the big show! Fitting the models and explaining what I need from Emily was exhausting enough! Emily and I just got back that morning from the Vegas trip where I go for our buying for the store. We were so tired and had SO much to get done in so little time. The models came in and I fit them so easily. It was like bam bam bam. Done! But, then Mr. Tribble comes in and he has so much to say about his outfit! OMG!!! I wanted to kill him! I felt like he was doing it all on purpose! Haha!

As you can see, I HATE speaking in public. It makes me nuts. I freak out!

Having models for hair and make up so far away from the show will never happen again. I was hoping Emily could handle it. It all worked out fine, but I was definitely more stressed because of all the B.S. going on. I wish people had a little more respect and if you are going to be in my fashion show, be there and don't make other plans. It definitely made my blood pressure rise reliving this!

Ah, and then you see Alex and her Troll friend talking about me.

LOVE how these girls continue to talk trash about me. I threw a drink at the troll??? Really?!? Haha, that is a joke! Watch the footage again and you will see I didn't throw a drink on her. They are going to trash me and talk about what I wear when she is wearing a bright Orange Pinnacle Vodka shirt that she probably got for Free.99. It's a promo shirt! My shirt was a top designer line, which they probably know nothing about. PLUS, it was SPRING so I was trying to get in the mood since the weather was not fun this year.

Then comes the fashion show. For starters, I was shocked to see them there and then extremely offended to see them making faces when I am talking about my family. Have some respect. I don't know why they were there anyway! But, I do love how Africa called her out about it when they had their fight in the bathroom.

Oh yes, of course, the fight between Alex and Africa, I cannot believe this went down at my CHARITY fashion show. Have your argument elsewhere. I heard about this fight after the fact from Africa, and I cannot believe it went down the way it did. I am seeing this for the first time and I am in shock. I would have thought Africa would have shut it down and not fed into Alex’s nonsense.

Enough talk about the nonsense that went down, back to what really matters, my charity fashion show: Raw Love. The show was a HUGE success and we raised a ton of money for Wish for Wendy and now that you all have watched it, we are raising more awareness about cystic fibrosis. Make sure you follow me on social media and come see me at the shop in Midtown!

My families' charity, Wish for Wendy, is Oct. 26 at Alpharetta's North Park. Come join me for a beautiful day at the park watching our charity softball tournament! Get more info Follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @rawdenimatlanta, @emilylipman, @wishforwendy. And as always shop now at

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God Bless, Vawn Should Move On

Emily's glad Vawn accepted Tribble's apology but wishes he could really let it go. Meanwhile she's moved on from Justin.

Well, it's been a wild ride but a very fun one! Thanks so much for tuning in each week, I hope you enjoyed the season!

I, of course, had to check on my boy Herbert! It was interesting to see Vawn and Africa's conversation and then mine and Tribble's conversation about what happened at the seminar. For the record I do not want to date Vawn but I just don't like men treating women like s---. End of story!

Once again Alex and her rave gear -- a joke. No, I will not put your "gear" in my shop that you bought somewhere else. Not how that works.

I am SO glad Emily and I made up she is my best friend. I had to step up and say something, we don't fight like that. She and I are still best friends, but she does not work at the shop anymore. It was very clear to us that we cannot jeopardize our friendship for a job.

Tribble's apology to Vawn was very sincere. Even though Vawn said he accepted it and move on -- God bless, he has not put it behind him. Vawn was out-of-line as well and he didn't say sorry for his actions. Wish it didn't get to that point, but it did.

I was just at home doing work when I hear a knock at the door, it was Justin! I was shocked! I know I hurt him and he hurt me but we had to stay away from each other for a while. We had a rocky end but he needed to know the truth, I'm not in love. We have both moved on and we are cordial when we see each other out.

I love the Lipstick Junkies! Their show was so cute and so much fun! I am so proud of Africa, they did a fabulous job!

But um, did Alex seriously show up to Africa's show?!? She has got some balls to show up like that. I don't know why Vawn left Africa's show but I am so proud of him for not going with Alex! They seem happy together so I wish them the best.

Well, make sure you stay in touch! You know where to find this Jewish Redneck! Follow me on social media and come see me at the shop in Midtown! 77 12th St. NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

Twitter and Instagram: @rawdenimatlanta, @emilylipman, @wishforwendy

And as always shop now at

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