Emily Lipman

Emily is as shocked as you are by the behavior at the fashion show, and takes a minute to defend her fashion sense.

on Oct 15, 2013

On to the big show! Fitting the models and explaining what I need from Emily was exhausting enough! Emily and I just got back that morning from the Vegas trip where I go for our buying for the store. We were so tired and had SO much to get done in so little time. The models came in and I fit them so easily. It was like bam bam bam. Done! But, then Mr. Tribble comes in and he has so much to say about his outfit! OMG!!! I wanted to kill him! I felt like he was doing it all on purpose! Haha!

As you can see, I HATE speaking in public. It makes me nuts. I freak out!

Having models for hair and make up so far away from the show will never happen again. I was hoping Emily could handle it. It all worked out fine, but I was definitely more stressed because of all the B.S. going on. I wish people had a little more respect and if you are going to be in my fashion show, be there and don't make other plans. It definitely made my blood pressure rise reliving this!

Ah, and then you see Alex and her Troll friend talking about me.

LOVE how these girls continue to talk trash about me. I threw a drink at the troll??? Really?!? Haha, that is a joke! Watch the footage again and you will see I didn't throw a drink on her. They are going to trash me and talk about what I wear when she is wearing a bright Orange Pinnacle Vodka shirt that she probably got for Free.99. It's a promo shirt! My shirt was a top designer line, which they probably know nothing about. PLUS, it was SPRING so I was trying to get in the mood since the weather was not fun this year.