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Africa, Don't Give Vawn Options

Vawn thinks The Lipstick Junkies have room to grow (but don't we all) and is happy to learn more of Emily's story.

The second episode was great. I liked it a lot better than the first one only because I got a chance to know everyone a little bit better. It was interesting to learn that Emily was adopted, which shed a lot of light to me because I like to get more into a person's story. I was really moved and it made me like her even more as a person.

Thee Unknowns was in the building on this episode. We wrote and produced a record for Amay'e, our new and upcoming artist, called "Good Girl Gone Bad." She was singing her heart out and I was so thrilled and excited. It was great to have my son there in the room with me as well. He's like my very own LA Reid. That really gave me a feeling of satisfaction. I enjoy taking people like Amay'e and making their dreams come true. My team is impeccable!

Watching the Lipstick Junkie's first show on TV was cool. I was impressed because anytime someone has a dream and they're willing to work hard and make that dream a reality, it moves me. The show wasn't perfect yet but that's OK because everyone, myself included, has room for growth. The girls looked fantastic! It was a nice gesture when Moni-Jo gave me a rose. I thought that was so sexy. But like I told Africa, "I'm a bad boy so don't give me options because I might take them." Haha. I'm looking forward to helping her anyway I can to take it to the next level.

Uh oh, here we go. . .Alex and Africa face to face! Can't wait to see what happens next week. You have to tune in and see for yourself!

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