Jevon Explains His Chemistry With Africa

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God Bless, Vawn Should Move On

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Jevon Explains His Chemistry With Africa

Jevon discusses his unorthodox music tips, trophy wives, fur coats, and why his son is a bigger star than he is.

Watching the first episode was great! Just seeing my son and me together was beautiful. He's funny, witty, and loves to laugh and have fun. I'm not the star, he is! He made me feel good as a father to see that I'm raising him to become a man. He's very inquisitive and always asking me questions like, "Why are you and my mom not together, dad?" I know he's only 10 years old but I just have to be honest and let him know I wasn't ready for that commitment. I explained to him I was afraid to give my all only because I want him to be better than the person I am. He's my number one fan, so my main focus is making sure he's great at everything he does in life.

One interesting part during the first episode was seeing Emily and Alex meet for the first time at dinner. It was crazy because the drama had already started! Emily didn't like Alex from the beginning and all I could say was "WOW! I guess that's how it goes."

I laughed so hard seeing Alex try on all her mother's fur coats. I was like, "Dang, Alex mama got a lot of fur coats. . .LOL!"

Meeting Africa in the studio was cool. She surprised me a lot because she can sing better than I thought. The song was alright, but she's a lot better than her song. The chemistry between us was a little tug-of-war at first but that's expected with a strong-willed woman like herself. But she has to understand that if this is what she wants she will to have to give a little bit more and do something she's never done before. To work with me, you have to compromise and trust me. Tina is going to have to eat the cake if she wants to work with Ike. . .haha! But on a serious note, she is definitely more talented than her music. I will say once we got to know each other a little bit, the chemistry and vibes between us were great! And that eye contact. . .all I can say is damn girl!

I know most of world doesn't understand when I continuously say, "I'm a star, I'm a star," but trust me when I say there is a method to my madness! You just have to watch and see. If you want to learn more about what I do, go to and click on my Artist Development page. I can't wait until next Tuesday. It's going to be crazy so make sure you tune in!

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God Bless, Vawn Should Move On

Emily's glad Vawn accepted Tribble's apology but wishes he could really let it go. Meanwhile she's moved on from Justin.

Well, it's been a wild ride but a very fun one! Thanks so much for tuning in each week, I hope you enjoyed the season!

I, of course, had to check on my boy Herbert! It was interesting to see Vawn and Africa's conversation and then mine and Tribble's conversation about what happened at the seminar. For the record I do not want to date Vawn but I just don't like men treating women like s---. End of story!

Once again Alex and her rave gear -- a joke. No, I will not put your "gear" in my shop that you bought somewhere else. Not how that works.

I am SO glad Emily and I made up she is my best friend. I had to step up and say something, we don't fight like that. She and I are still best friends, but she does not work at the shop anymore. It was very clear to us that we cannot jeopardize our friendship for a job.

Tribble's apology to Vawn was very sincere. Even though Vawn said he accepted it and move on -- God bless, he has not put it behind him. Vawn was out-of-line as well and he didn't say sorry for his actions. Wish it didn't get to that point, but it did.

I was just at home doing work when I hear a knock at the door, it was Justin! I was shocked! I know I hurt him and he hurt me but we had to stay away from each other for a while. We had a rocky end but he needed to know the truth, I'm not in love. We have both moved on and we are cordial when we see each other out.

I love the Lipstick Junkies! Their show was so cute and so much fun! I am so proud of Africa, they did a fabulous job!

But um, did Alex seriously show up to Africa's show?!? She has got some balls to show up like that. I don't know why Vawn left Africa's show but I am so proud of him for not going with Alex! They seem happy together so I wish them the best.

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